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The Ultimate Way To Make Alkaline Water At Home

If you’re interested in making alkaline water at home then your in the right place. Because in a minute I’ll reveal to you the 5 best ways to make alkaline water that you can quickly and easily whip up without spending a fortune on expensive bottles of the stuff. But first lets cover a little back ground information..

What is Alkaline Water?

Alkaline water is a form of water that has a high pH of 7 or more. This is usually caused by high concentrations of calcium, bicarbonates and magnesium. You can also create alkaline water by using a water ionizer as I’ll touch on in a minute.

Why isn’t All Water Alkaline?

As with anything that is healthy, there are a lot of skeptics who question if alkaline water is actually good for you. This has lead to it losing credibility in the public eye, which has decreased demand and thus made production much more expensive.

The biggest reason why all water isn’t alkaline is that natural rain water is slightly acidic. This occurs as when the rain falls through the atmosphere it collects small amounts of toxins, pollution and sulfur. These all create an acidic environment which stop the water from being alkaline.

I for one am a true believer in the power of alkaline water having personally experienced the effects that it has on my concentration, energy, health, vitality and focus. Plus I’ve read numerous studies about how it has helped people to lose dramatic amounts of weight and keep it off. (More on how that works in a future blog!)

How to Make Alkaline Water at Home?

There are many ways to make alkaline water on your own, and today I’m going to cover 3 of the most popular methods to help you make your own at home.

  1. Lemon and baking Soda – This is a common method that has surrounded bloggers for a while, but many are skeptics because of the citric acid contained in lemons. However Lemons are alkaline forming in the body due to their low sugar content and high mineral content. To make alkaline water this way simply slice a lemon in half a soak it in a jug of filtered water over night. In the morning squeeze the juice; add a pinch of Stevia extract, and ½ a teaspoon of baking soda.
  2. pH Drops – These drops are liquefied, concentrated alkaline minerals. They contain large amounts of potassium, magnesium, calcium and often different bicarbonates. All you need to do is add a few drops to your water bottle and it will instantly boost the pH up by several points.
  3. Alkaline Filters – There is a growing number of alkaline filters on the market. You can get them both for jugs and for your home. These filters work by removing all of the acidic minerals while leaving the alkaline ones. They also double as a regular water filter by removing things like Flouride, Chlorine, sulfur and other toxins.

There are more expensive ways such as using a ionizer, however they usually start at $2,000 and go from there, so I don’t recommend this as a base method. Plus the water needs to be drunk within 24-48 hours otherwise it loses its charge so I don’t see it as being useful for anyone who wants to leave chilled alkaline water in the fridge.

The Best Method to Make Alkaline Water?

After much research I discovered that the best method to make alkaline water was to combine all 3!

This method works like this…

  1. Use a Alkaline filter jug to filter a 2l jug of water (Brings pH to about 8.5)
  2. Add half a lemon and leave sit in the fridge over night.
  3. Squeeze the lemon juice into the jug, add a pinch of stevia & 1/2tsp of bicarb soda (Brings pH to about 9.2)
  4. Add 10 drops of Alkalife pH Drops to the jug (Brings pH to about 9.8-10)
  5. Sit back and enjoy your super alkalizing and delicious sweet lemon water!