The Complete Citrus Juicer Buying Guide

Juicing has become quite popular these days. At first, this may seem like a simple step. However, continue doing this and you will surely see great difference not only on your health, but your weight loss as well. In order to easily try juicing, you will surely be needing a great citrus juicer. If you plan on working mostly with citrus fruits, then a citrus juicer is definitely what you need.

In order to choose and buy the perfect citrus juicer, you will have to familiarize yourself with various features a juicer should have.

Features You Should Look for in Your Citrus Juicer:

#1: Speed Options

Various ingredients will require different speeds in order to get juiced. This is why it is best that you choose a citrus juicer that will be offering you with two speed options. When juicing softer fruits, you can opt to put the juicer on low speed. Meanwhile, harder fruits will surely require higher speed to juice. You can also opt for a citrus juicer that has a reverse gear, which will allow you to get rid of any blockages.

#2: Extra large feeding tube

At times, you will be juicing large fruits such as apples, draginfruits and many more. The usual size oof feeding tube will require you to first chop or slice the fruits into smaller pieces. The preparation of the fruits will surely take time. When you opt for a juicer that has large feeding tube, you will definitely get to save on effort as well as time.

#3: Pushers

When we say pusher, we are referring to the material which perfectly fits into the lid of the juicer. This will help you in pushing the citrus fruits nearer to the juicing mechanism without having to worry about your fingers getting cut. You must know the fact that even though pushers are very useful, not all juicers are equipped with it.

#4: Drip Stop Pout

Even if this feature is quite useful, this is only available for some citrus juicers. Once you have removed the glass under the spout after you are done juicing, the remaining juice in the jar will surely drip out, going to your worktop. The function of the stop pout is to seal the hole to avoid the liquid from messing up your worktop.

#5: Non-slip Juicer Fit

This is just a simple feature but it is really a must. Some juicers will have suction cups or rubber pads underneath the base. This will prevent the juicer from slippin on your worktop. This will also help maintain the stability of your juicer while it juices your citrus fruits.

#6: Lock Lid

Almost all juicers have this simple feature. When the lock lid is not in place and the lid is still not secured, the juicer will not be working.

#7: Transparent juice container

When the container of the juice is transparent, you are able to easily take a look at the juice level.

#8: Pulp regulator

When your  juicer has this, you will be able to control the amount of pulp your juice will have. You can opt to have a juice that is less or more pulpy, depending on what you prefer.

#9: Dishwahser-safe parts

With this feature, you will not have to bother yourself with cleaning your juicer. All you need to do is to toss everything into the dishawasher and you’re all set.

#10: Dust cover

When you are not using your citrus juicer, chances are it will get to accumulate dusts, The dust cover will protect the chute opening (where you insert the fruits from juicing) from collecting dust.

#11: Long cord

It is a must that your juicer has long cord so that you can enjoy greater flexibility in choosing a spot to place your unit.

#12: Cord storage

In the event that you will not be using your juicer, you will certainly do not want the cord to just litter in your kitchen. This is why you will be needing a place where you can store your cord.

Ensure that the citrus juicer you will choose has all these features. If you do, you are in for the ultimate juicing experience! You can also check out juicers with similar features such as the Ninja juicer or the Breville Juicer.